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Empowering Kids Through Handwork
It is about the child
In The Handwork Initiative’s program, the aim is to empower your child through craft. It's not about creating the next generation of craftspeople, but nurturing qualities that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Like music and art, handwork enriches our lives, building confidence in ourselves and enhancing our ability to engage with the world around us.

In a woodworking class, children are in a self-paced environment where they are guided through a series of thoughtfully selected wooden build models. They receive training in the proper use of real hand tools such as carving knives, hand planes, and pull saws. The program has historic roots, drawing inspiration from the Swedish method known as Educational Slöjd, developed in the late 1800s and still practiced in many parts of Scandinavia today. Learn more about our methods & principles here.

The handwork Initiative (THI) is working on bringing other handwork focused craft such as leatherwork, printmaking, and baking. If this is something you have a passion on seeing grow, any donation is extremely helpful and can be made here.
    "Put a young man in a woodshop, his hands work to the advantage of his brain and he becomes a philosopher while thinking himself only a craftsman."
    —Jean Jacques Rousseau
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